You and your company worked extremely hard to create something durable and beautiful at great
expense. It is important to present the property in the best light. That requires cleaning
up the plaster dust and scraping the dried cement from the windows to give it that final
detailed touch that will win over the most discerning people. Call us today for a free quote.

Services Include:

Cleaning All Bathrooms:
Vanity lights, mirrors, medicine cabinets, electrical plates, sinks, counter tops, cabinets,
drawers, under those drawers, tile, window frames and window tracks, bathtubs, toilets, doors,
baseboards, chair railings and exhaust fans. We remove any excess construction caulking and
any product stickers. Finally, we polish all stainless steel, sweep and mop floors.

Cleaning Bedrooms, Hallways and Stairs:
Doors, door frames, baseboards, chair railings, window tracks, window frames, remove dust
seals from smoke detectors (entire home), vacuum out heater vents, vacuum carpet wall to wall,
clean lights, electrical plates and wipe down stair rails.

Cleaning Kitchen:
Lights, inside cabinets, pull all drawers (clean all surfaces including underneath), wipe down
all appliances, window tracks and frames, baseboards, chair railings, clean exhaust fans, remove
excess construction caulking, vacuum out heat vents and clean floors wall to wall.

Cleaning All Other Rooms:
Clean chandeliers, lights, tracks, frames, fireplaces, doors, door frames, baseboards, chair railings,
electrical plates, vacuum heat vents, wipe down heating cold air return, vacuum all carpets wall to
wall, clean mirrors, clean cabinet tops, sweep and dust mop all hardwood floors with our wood floor cleaner.

Window Cleaning:
Wash window glass first with trip washer, squeegee solution off glass, spray glass with easy
glide to keep glass lubricated, scrape glass removing silicone, paint, glue, etc., re-wash glass
and squeegee solution, dry all edges, clean all frames and sills.



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